Hit the Ball Farther with this Ancient Russian Workout Tool

Benefits of Kettlebell Exercises for Golfers

  • Increased Fitness & Performance
  • Increased Control Path/Swing
  • Increased Distance
  • Injury Prevention
  • Increased Endurance
  • Increased Strength in lower back
  • Increased Strength in shoulders
  • Increased grip strength
  • Improvement of integrated movement patterns
  • Increased Power
  • Improved Flexibility

Those are all hot spots for golfers… and spots that we can’t normally hit with traditional dumbbells and barbells.

The nature of kettlebell exercises mimic real world activities such as the golf swing, shoveling, and carrying loads. Kettlebell exercises work several muscles simultaneously and may be repeated continuously for several minutes or with short breaks.

Vitamin D and calcium help avoid osteoporosis, a common problem for golfers in the hip and lower-back regions. Studies now show that targeted strength training is one of the most effective ways to counter osteoporosis. Deadlifts, squats and shoulder presses significantly increase bone density which helps a golfer’s body endure the stress of repeated golf swings.

(A basic program of strengthening and stretching exercises produces a more powerful golf swing. In 1995 a study was done in which a small group of golfers performed 15 Nautilus exercises and six stretches, three days a week, for a period of eight weeks. At the completion of the training period, the participants recorded significant improvements in their golf driving power. Their maximum club head speed increased 6 percent (5 miles per hour), even though they did not practice golf during the two-month study period.)

Weight resistance exercises with kettlebells will improve your stability, range of movement, and control during a swing. These exercises will also help to increase strength to get a more powerful golf swing.

Areas for Golfers to Focus on with Kettlebell Exercises

  • Core
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Shoulders


This combination makes the exercise partially aerobic and more similar to High-intensity interval training in comparison to traditional weight lifting.

In one study, kettlebell enthusiasts performing a 20 minute snatch workout were measured to burn, on average, 13.6 calories/minute aerobically and 6.6 calories/minute anaerobically during the entire workout – “equivalent to running a 6-minute mile pace”.

Overall, the kettlebell is great training tool we should be working in with our existing golf workouts.

The kettlebell also doesn’t take up much room, so it’s perfect for those of you that train at home or have limited space to exercise in.


Kettlebell Golf Circuit #1


I recommend starting with a lighter bell, even if you are experienced.  Focus on form OVER sweat. What I mean is… don’t sacrifice form under any circumstance. If you can not properly perform a repetition, STOP. You can lower the weight or just stop until you perform this workout again.

I recommend you start out with the following kettlebell weights…

Men: 12kg (26 pounds)
Women: 8kg (17 pounds)



You will be performing each circuit a total of 2-minutes. Each exercise is to be done with a single hand (right or left) for 30 seconds total. Then proceed to the next exercise.

For example, you will do the Snatch with your right hand for 30 seconds. At the end of that time, you will switch to the figure-8 with a hold with your right hand for 30 seconds.

Once you are done with your right hand, you start with the left on the snatch… then on to the figure 8. The circuit will take you 2-minutes to complete… then rest 1-minute and perform again.

I’ve added some levels below based on your current condition level. I recommend that most of you start with level 1 if you have never used a kettlebell before or are not currently training consistently with a bell. Level 2 is really challenging and I GUARANTEE it’s going to smoke your core!

Level 1: 12 total minutes counting activity and rest periods.
Level 2: 26 total minutes counting activity and rest periods.


A1) Body Circles to the right x 1 minute
A2) Body Circles to the left x 1 minute


B1) Snatch (right hand) x 30 seconds
B2) Figure-8 With a Hold (*start with right hand) x 30 seconds
B3) Snatch (left hand) x 30 seconds
B4) Figure-8 With a Hold (*start with left hand) x 30 seconds

Level 1: Rest 1-minute and repeat once more.
Level 2: Rest 1-minute per circuit and repeat 3 total times.

*NOTE: Figure 8’s are a fluid movement that move smoothly from the right hand to the left hand during the pass between the legs. This ensures a nice flow… almost like you are dancing with your kettlebell.


C1) Circle Clean (right hand) x 30 Seconds
C2) Kettlebell Popup (right hand) x 30 Seconds
C1) Circle Clean (left hand) x 30 Seconds
C2) Kettlebell Popup (left hand) x 30 Seconds

Level 1: Rest 1-minute and repeat once more.
Level 2: Rest 1-minute per circuit and repeat 3 total times.

And I’m sure some of you won’t have any idea what the exercises above even are.. so here are some YouTube videos that will teach you proper form on all of these. I tried to find Michael for most of these, but some did not exist. So I found another kettlebell expert with good instruction on the form.